Through the new doors
Large seating area
From the dining room
Looking back to the house
From above
Iceberg roses cover the fences and walls
Plenty of space to entertain
The Big Green Egg barbecue feeds 18!
Old Terracotta pots
Yorkstone paving
Fantastic drain covers from lateral design studio
White iceberg roses

This small garden, complete with large dog, medium shed and washing line, had littlle available space where the clients could sit and relax. We lost the lawn and created a stylish paved garden, complete with feature trees, privacy and a cool green and white palette of planting. The clients bought a Big Green Egg barbeque to feed all their friends, and we created places to eat and entertain. The walls are clothed with white roses. The borders are filled with clipped box and evergreen structure. Two feature amelanchiers give height to the garden. White tulips filled the garden in the spring and lighting extends the day into the evening.

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