Front driveway and planting
Grasses in the long border
Modern housing with a composite decked terrace
Water feature with fountains
Holmbury, Surrey

The clients have a great sense of adventure and a bridge across a large, wide water rill to the front door with water jets keeps life interesting. Louisa worked with Fairwater to create the water features across the front of the house and this large front garden creates a much more exciting place than most to park the cars. Modern walls with huge blocks of herbaceous planting set the scene for a vibrant and contemporary entrance to the property. The clients built this fantastic house and Louisa designed and built strong geometric shapes using a charcoal grey decking composite at 45 degree angles to the property to reflect the roof shape. The planting adds strong vertical uprights and the whole garden needed style and substance. All the materials were carefully planned to keep costs down whilst creating the exact feel that the project required.

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