The sloping field under preparation
The meadow now established
Louisa and the team of Jersey Potato planters behind her, setting out the plants
The plants begin to arrive from the docks
The plants are in - the path seeded and the meadow beginning to grow
Later the same year - the seed all through and the plants flowering
The pool from the plateau seating area
Echinacea flowering on the hillside
3D image presented to the client
3D representation to show the pool and pleached trees
The formal gardens under construction with the field being weeded
The finished pool, fencing and pleached trees in place
The pool being built
The finished pool and fencing in place
The pool build from the plateau
The finished formal gardens, paths and steps all in place
JerseyMain Image 17

The client's main, level garden is set to the front and side of the property where amazing views look across to the sea. At the back of the house, a steeply sloping field had been designated as a field, with paddock grass due to be seeded. I felt this was such a wasted opportunity - that we could create something spectacular instead. The clients took a deep breath and decided to allocate a realistic budget for the project. It was such a huge space to just give over to grass and now, on the richly planted hillside, a winding path leads through prairie planting to a top plateau with seating to look out to sea. The grading of the field took many weeks, but the resulting slope was planted and seeded in two days - with the help of a huge team of Jersey potato planters! I used a select mix of perennials, shipped from the mainland. These include two varieties of Echinacea - in magenta and the palest pink - deep purple salvias, grasses and tall white veronicastrum. The seed to be sown was especially mixed by The Pictorial Meadow company, and many kilos were broadcast over the prepared ground. This provides a mix of purple and white flowers. The hillside will continue to develop and mature over the next few years - eventually providing a spectacular sight, perhaps even from out at sea! The house itself is a fantastic building and the clients had paid great attention to the quality of the build. The main terrace was laid with a sawn sandstone and we used the same paving as the coping stones around the pool. Because of the proximity to a lane, we installed a bespoke fence for safety. I designed this to match the oak bollards that lead down to the sea and these will weather down. The steel bands have been powder coated to match the paint colours within the house build. Pleached trees provide an element of privacy without losing the view. These were shipped to site from Barcham Trees in Cambridge. The planting in the borders is designed to give all year structure with colour in the summer. Because of the proximity to the sea, the varieties were chosen to withstand any winter gales. The clients have a great entertaining space, with a winding path that leads through the meadow to a top seating area with views out to sea. Much better than a field!

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