• Swimming pool on Jersey coast
  • Night-time lighting of plants and trees
  • Herbaceous planting around Sussex Barn
  • Swimming pool in South Downs garden
  • Swimming pool in Jersey garden
  • Newick Garden
  • Cuckfield Garden
  • Warnham Garden
  • Brookhurst

The Lovely Garden Services

At The Lovely Garden, Louisa Bell designs ecletic, award-winning landscapes for private gardens and oversees the entire build process. The company specialises in complete designs, challenging levels, the build of swimming pools and large planting schemes. 

From the start, Louisa will suggest possibilities and explain the probabilities. She can facilitate every professional body you will need and advise on time scales, scheduling, contractual liabilities and construction detailing. Your garden may take many months to design and build and it's vital that you enjoy the whole process.

Please get in touch to discuss your garden and plans for the future, preferably before you start any major works to your house or employ architects. You are welcome to speak to other clients and visit our gardens. 

Louisa is a registered member of the Society of Garden Designers and a former board director of The British Association of Lanscape Industries.


“The approach was by far the most original received and transformed our garden, creating new aspects and spaces. Louisa had many ideas, yet listened to our wants and incorporated them. Thanks to this inclusive approach, the end result is one we own, not one we purchased.“

Sarah & Mike Wallace