Scale drawing of Sussex Barn garden
3D plan image of pool
3D image of South Downs garden

Your Garden Design

How does it work?

Your first meeting with Louisa will be friendly and relaxed. You'll be asked how you hope to use your gardens in the future.  You'll discuss your household, the design possibilities and ideas, the necessary construction work and talk about plants and the amount of work that may be involved. Gardens of all sizes need careful planning.

Once Louisa knows what's involved and the scope of works, you will be advised on the plans and drawings that will be necessary, plus any other professional bodies that will need to be involved - such as planner, listed consent, civil engineers or structural calculations.

A professional survey will be carried out to show everything that's in the existing gardens incuding the main house, any buildings and mature trees. The survey plots of your land will be yours to keep and the surveyor will provide Louisa with plans and computer files for her to start your garden design.

Your design plans may include 3D representations of the finished garden so you can really imagine how it will feel to 'walk through'. A budget costing for the final garden will also be provided. Design fees are priced according to each project and the work involved; project monitoring carries a separate fee. As a rough guide, gardens may cost around 15% of a property's value to design, build and plant dependent on slopes, access and any new trees.

Louisa will work closely with you throughout the entire process - this is YOUR garden after all, and she will make sure you feel confident about every aspect that's being planned. When you are completely happy with the plans, a recommended contractor will be introduced to you and a fixed price quotation prepared, breaking down each element of the work into sections so you can choose how you want to proceed and when. 

 A new garden is a big decision and it's vital that you are really happy and excited about what lies ahead. You are welcome to come and visit other gardens that Louisa has designed, or talk to clients about their project and experience.

 When the build process begins, Louisa attends site to oversee the works and maintain high standards of workmanship. She will be your interface with the contractors and provide work in progress reports.