14 x 6 metre pool in Sussex

Why not swim!

We build pools for domestic clients; for those who swim lengths, and families who want constant depth levels for the children to play safely. A pool plays an integral part of a larger garden. Modern heating methods and cover systems mean the running costs are much more economic than the old pools. Why not talk to us about the possibilty, costs and positioning a swimming pool in your garden? We also renovate old pools, bringing the lining, cover and heating system up to modern standards. Refurbishing an old, tired pool gives the garden a completely new lease of life.

10 x 5 swimming pool
East Dean hillside pool

Swim and look out to sea!

Pool and sandstone paving
Barns Green Pool

A large family pool with deep end

Pool and paving on hillside
Pool on a hillside

This small pool - 8 x 3 - fits the landscape perfectly.

Summerhouse and water
Horsham Pool

A summerhouse for entertaining before a swim.

Water with table and chairs
Sussex pool

A pool with seating area and wide terrace

Paving, pool and sunloungers
A pool in a meadow

This pool sits in the landscape, framed by the views to the South Downs

Planting and pool in meadow
More of the meadow pool

Surrounded by planting and a large meadow, this pool works well for a young family

Drawing of a pool and garden
Pool design

A scale plan shows how a pool will fit in your garden

Paving, lawn and sunloungers
Pool with smaller terrace

A small pool and terrace fits into a terraced garden.

Pool and limestone paving
The first pool we built!

This pool, built 20 years ago, has a limestone surround with brick inlay.

Hillside, pool and sea
Jersey pool

This pool, at the foot of meadow hillside, sits beside a wonderful Vale conservatory

A pool with lighting
Pool lighting

We added lighting around the coping stones for night-time swims.