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Give it the chop…

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IMG_0341Do you have a superstitious fear about cutting down Holly Trees? Do you have plants that have overtaken your garden, or outgrew their allotted space years ago?I know it’s hard to be impartial about your trees and shrubs.  I see massive trees in front gardens taking all the light from rooms, yet the owners can’t bear to take the thing out. I can understand the beautiful specimens – the Magnolias, covered in spectacular blossom each spring, or the Acer with brilliant autumn colour – but often, people hang on to Sycamores and Birch Trees; worst of all, the great big thugs like Leylandii! This is where a designer comes in handy. They’ll help you make all those difficult decisions and convince you of the necessity too. For each tree we take out we do replace them with new varieties, often choosing beautiful specimens too. We recently removed a diseased Ash and Horse Chestnut. In their place we planted thirty-one flowering cherries, a Handkerchief Tree and a row of Sorbus Aria. If you can’t bring yourself to sharpen the axe, just give us a call and we’ll try to help.

New Year! New Garden!

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IMG_0341It may be winter outside, but in your garden it’s spring….Beneath the soil, things are moving, growing, preparing to push through the earth and be wonderful! I can already see the  tulips emerging. Do tell me you planted your tulips in Autumn? We planted THOUSANDS of tulips in our client’s gardens in October and November – it’s a service we offer each year. Even in the tiniest garden there’s room for bulbs. If you’re thinking about a new space for 2016 then do plan ahead. Most of my contractors are starting to book into March and April. Once the sun shines the phone will ring off the hook (well, at least we hope so!) and everybody will want their garden ready for the summer. If you’re planning on work to the house, please think about the garden whilst you have access and disruption. It’s great if we can all work together and do everything at once. The initial survey and design process can take some time, especially if you need planning too. This is also the ideal time to plant new mature trees, prune existing specimens and carry out work to dormant hedges. You may look outside and see rain and mud but it won’t be long until the spring arrives!

Xmas Presents for Gardeners

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xmas 2  Buy them a tree! How cool is that….to turn up on the doorstep with a tree! It certainly beats socks and aftershave. How can your Aunt resist you when you buy her a Malus Gorgeous. It gets you out of the Queen’s Speech and those after lunch family arguments. Take your wellies and a spade and you’ve escaped with your hip flask – out from the fug of the central heating and into the garden, usually with the dog for company. If your hosts have a tiny garden, and won’t thank you for turning up with something tall, buy a climber instead. All gardens have room for something vertical; try Clematis viticella ‘Polish Spirit’ or the evergreen honeysuckle, Lonicera Graham Thomas. In these damp, gloomy days…how wonderful to remember the garden and something outside. Drop the pot into a hessian sack and tie a great big red bow round the middle (of the pot, not you) and there you are. Originality. For a change from crackers, put small terracotta pots at each place setting, write on names and fill with tissue paper and tiny original gifts, including packets of seeds, soaps, little bits of jewellery and chocolate Santas.