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Member of The Society of Garden Designers!

sgd-logo2  Well, what a wonderful day! I have passed my Society of Garden Designers adjudication and I am now a Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers. To the layman, this may not mean much, but for those hardy souls who have worked on their construction drawings, their setting out plans, their planting schedules and have been through the Forum, Pre-registration and Adjudication and have their own MSGD it will mean SO much, and they will nod in sympathetic understanding and also remember that wonderful, wonderful moment when they heard they’d passed. It’s taken around three years to get through all the different stages and many designers feel that it’s so difficult that they’re daunted by the task ahead. Well, I won’t pretend it’s been easy or that I’ve always felt like carrying on. There’s been many a muttering of “Flippin organization. Why do I need them!” But now I’ve passed, of course, I will be their greatest ambassador and take up my mantle of membership with a degree of humility not shown in this blog! So, here I am – letters after my name at last: Louisa Bell MSGD.

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