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Parham House Weekend


DIG FOR VICTORY!    Come and see us this weekend at The Parham Plant Weekend, Parham House in Sussex. We'll have a stand with a Dig For Victory Theme and will be dressing up as landgirls. It's been great fun, getting all the props and outfits together. Ebay has been a source of inspiration and we'll be left with gardens full of vintage watering cans and milking pails! The Plant Weekend has a great selection of nurseries selling plants, of course, and a tea tent serving cream teas. The borders at Parham are looking particularly lovely at the moment. The yellow border – which was never my favourite – has been replaced with a dreamy blue, grey and white border. The plants are all spilling over the edges of the path and look like the quintessential English herbaceous garden. My favourite part of Parham is the greenhouse, filled with scented plants and open at both ends with plumbago dripping from the walls in blue and whites. Come and say Hello – we're just by the entrance gate;  follow the sounds of Glenn Miller and Vera Lynn. If it's raining, we'll be huddled inside the pig sty that's doubling up as our Andersen shelter.

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