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Are you sitting comfortably?

garden_chair When we create our homes, we have various rooms with places to sit; sometimes to relax, and sometimes to sit upright and eat. I think that the garden should provide the same kind of seating arrangements. Gardens should have tables and chairs – a place to have breakfast and read the weekend papers, preferably not in a windy spot and with some shade so you don’t get engrossed in the SuDoku and find you’ve burnt the back of your neck in the sun. The garden should always have an enticing place for a snooze. This needs a more laid back, squidgy kind of chair. I love these Adirondack chairs and a recent client tells me they’re incredibly comfortable too. The snooze chair should have cushions and a throw, in case it gets a bit chilly. A table beside you for tea and magazines means you won’t have to try and balance your cup on the lawn. Gardens should be such practical things. I’m always amazed that people use their gardens as such receptacles for rubbish and don’t keep them looking wonderful. How can you wash the kitchen floor and then put the mop outside the back door? You wouldn’t go and put your mop in the middle of the sitting room! Treat your garden with love and respect. Create lovely little areas for seating, eating, reading and snoozing and this summer it will be better than home.

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