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Give it the chop…

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Do you have a superstitious fear about cutting down Holly Trees? Do you have plants that have overtaken your garden, or outgrew their allotted space years ago?I know it’s hard to be impartial about your trees and shrubs.  I see massive trees in front gardens taking all the light from rooms, yet the owners can’t […]

New Year! New Garden!

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It may be winter outside, but in your garden it’s spring….Beneath the soil, things are moving, growing, preparing to push through the earth and be wonderful! I can already see the  tulips emerging. Do tell me you planted your tulips in Autumn? We planted THOUSANDS of tulips in our client’s gardens in October and November – […]

Xmas Presents for Gardeners

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 Buy them a tree! How cool is that….to turn up on the doorstep with a tree! It certainly beats socks and aftershave. How can your Aunt resist you when you buy her a Malus Gorgeous. It gets you out of the Queen’s Speech and those after lunch family arguments. Take your wellies and a spade […]

Starting early

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Even on the coldest day of the year so far, the garden is preparing to emerge and I can see the tulips pushing through the ground in the borders. People are thinking about their gardens already.  As a designer it’s great to have a variety of projects and clients. All my new gardens will belong […]

Has spring sprung?

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We are officially still in Winter – and this weekend the cold weather starts to bite. We’ve been lulled into a false sense of security with all these mild, sunny days. I feel almost cross when I need a coat but it’s only January. The coldest months are yet to come. However, a little bit […]

Happy New Year!

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 Xmas has been and gone with a cupboard full of lemsips and anti-biotics for many. It's such a shame when family members are ill at Xmas. We all look forward to that one day and then you have that pale, wan face sitting at your table, pushing a bit of turkey around the plate and […]

Bridge over troubled water

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I watched the excellent Imagine programme on Simon and Garfunkel last night. I suppose those of a certain age will have a copy of the album somewhere in their vinyl collection but I wouldn't have put it down as one of my desert island discs. In fact if somebody did have it as one of their […]

Hampton Court

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It rained of course. Some of my best umbrellas have come from Hampton Court over the years. I was invited today by Landform Consultants to see the gardens they'd built – excellent work of course – and to visit the show. I had forgotten, after Chelsea, how nice it is to buy plants at the […]

Parham House Weekend

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DIG FOR VICTORY!    Come and see us this weekend at The Parham Plant Weekend, Parham House in Sussex. We'll have a stand with a Dig For Victory Theme and will be dressing up as landgirls. It's been great fun, getting all the props and outfits together. Ebay has been a source of inspiration and we'll be […]

Forgotton Spaces

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SOMERSET HOUSE EXHIBITION Christmas is a good time to find space, in between family visits, to go and do something for yourself. We went to Somerset House in London to see the Forgotten Spaces exhibition. In small rooms, perhaps old stables, there were plans and exhibits set up to show how different areas of London, […]


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I gave a talk this afternoon to the U3A. I hoped everyone came along because they all love their gardens and not for the tea and biscuits or because my Mum had paid them. Actually, it was great to be able to talk to ‘real’ gardeners. Not for them the low maintenance border, and these are […]

Are you sitting comfortably?

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 When we create our homes, we have various rooms with places to sit; sometimes to relax, and sometimes to sit upright and eat. I think that the garden should provide the same kind of seating arrangements. Gardens should have tables and chairs – a place to have breakfast and read the weekend papers, preferably not […]

Hard hats at the ready

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I have just started work on the plans and design for a wonderful job. It’s in Tooting and the client has bought this gorgeous house – well, it WILL be gorgeous – overlooking the green with mature trees all around with tree preservation orders in abundi. It should be fun working with all of these […]

Where have all the flowers gone?

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 We have been planting up three gardens this week and getting the plants has been sooooo difficult. March is usually a great time for herbaceous plants but the nurseries seem to be struggling to fill the huge amounts of orders that have flooded in so far this month. All the initial plants that were grown […]

Counting Blessings

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 Spring has sprung, and the gardens are starting to take on the lush new growth that tells us we are on the right road. The clocks will go forward very soon and the light levels will make everything grow like mad. I can’t help but feel that my emotions and passion for the garden are on hold […]

Member of The Society of Garden Designers!

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  Well, what a wonderful day! I have passed my Society of Garden Designers adjudication and I am now a Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers. To the layman, this may not mean much, but for those hardy souls who have worked on their construction drawings, their setting out plans, their planting schedules […]

The beauty of dereliction

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Derelict houses are so romantic, full of promise and mystery. The broken windows, collapsing infrastructure and faded grandeur all tell of another era, a time long gone when others looked out of windows, stood on balconies and saw another world. They say that there are plans to turn these wonderful buildings into a five star […]

The contemporary border in Winter

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 I enjoyed walking around Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire yesterday, but for the novice gardener it would have been nigh on impossible to know what plants were in the borders. I spent ages writing down plant names and varieties into my notebook, but there was very little to be seen at present. I know this is […]

Country Estates

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It’s been a very busy week for design appointments and we are pleased to have so much work going forward for the rest of the year. I visited the most wonderful house – in the middle of nowhere and with 47 acres. I always think that owning woodland and fields is a very special responsibility. […]

SGD 30th Anniversary

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 Last night I attended the 30th birthday anniversary of the Society of Garden Designers in London. It was held at the Royal Horticultural Societies’ Exhibition Halls and was a lovely event. Garden designers rarely get the chance to meet up and exchange ideas and news. Ours can be a lonely occupation at times – sitting […]

The pond continues

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It’s been a bit of a miserable week. Rain has stopped play a couple of times. However,  Kevin’s leaving the crutches behind sometimes, so the knee progresses. I’ve realized that I’m not cut out for long-term care and would like somebody to make ME a cup of tea now.  I’m enjoying going out to site and […]

BALI Awards 2010

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We are delighted to have won an award in this year’s prestigious BALI National Awards for a Hove garden, completed last year. It was really disappointing that we couldn’t get to the awards ceremony, due to the suspension of all train services. The cars were stuck in the drive and we managed to get to […]