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Shrubby Matters

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Gardens of all sizes benefit from a selection of shrubs. They give height, width and stature but can add so much more in the way of scent and colour. Shrubs can perform all through the year, with flowers, berries, leaf colour and structural shape.Men worry about shrubs. In fact women worry more about men worrying […]

Keep off the grass

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I can imagine that the garden isn't the first thing on your mind this week but these frosty mornings should be providing a magical winter wonderland of icy structure and grandeur. If your garden just looks collapsed and cold, perhaps it's time to rethink your borders. I was a slow convert to grasses and, even […]

Shady characters

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I never liked shady borders. In the past, I lived near the sea, with south facing sunny planting places and grew plants that thrived in the sunshine. Then I moved ‘over the Downs’ and discovered frost, car scrapers and dead Echiums. The treasures I brought from my seaside garden withered and died in the first winter and […]

Wonderful bulbs

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As February blows in, the garden is out there pushing things through like a mother-to be.  The hyacinth bulbs come up through the ground, the green nose emerging like an inquisitive animal. Around them, the smaller muscari hyacinths are sending out stems too. I always plant my hyacinths – both varieties – in large-ish groups […]