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Damp Proofed

    Damp proof courses are one of those essential parts of any building project and existing house. I have just designed a garden in Cuckfield and the last landscapers or builders had laid a new patio over the top of the existing paver patio, and also over the top of the manhole inspection covers! We have subsequently found that the pavers were also laid over another older patio. All of these layers bumped up the height of the paving until it was just underneath the double doors leading out from the house and above the damp proof course. The DPC is a waterproof membrane between the ground and the floor of your house. It could be a rubberised material, slate in an older house or really old properties may have no DPC at all. The DPC serves an important purpose by preventing the ground water from rising, through capillary action, up into your house. By laying a patio up to or above the DPC, the water will breach the buidling and rise through any bricks or floors causing damp inside. Any good designer or builder will know that any new terrace must be at least two brick courses below the DPC. Even the new modern idea for a terrace that runs straight out level with the house can breach the DPC. Go above at your peril!

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