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Give it the chop…

IMG_0341Do you have a superstitious fear about cutting down Holly Trees? Do you have plants that have overtaken your garden, or outgrew their allotted space years ago?I know it’s hard to be impartial about your trees and shrubs.  I see massive trees in front gardens taking all the light from rooms, yet the owners can’t bear to take the thing out. I can understand the beautiful specimens – the Magnolias, covered in spectacular blossom each spring, or the Acer with brilliant autumn colour – but often, people hang on to Sycamores and Birch Trees; worst of all, the great big thugs like Leylandii! This is where a designer comes in handy. They’ll help you make all those difficult decisions and convince you of the necessity too. For each tree we take out we do replace them with new varieties, often choosing beautiful specimens too. We recently removed a diseased Ash and Horse Chestnut. In their place we planted thirty-one flowering cherries, a Handkerchief Tree and a row of Sorbus Aria. If you can’t bring yourself to sharpen the axe, just give us a call and we’ll try to help.

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