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Hampton Court


It rained of course. Some of my best umbrellas have come from Hampton Court over the years. I was invited today by Landform Consultants to see the gardens they'd built – excellent work of course – and to visit the show. I had forgotten, after Chelsea, how nice it is to buy plants at the show itself. Somehow it felt completely different – I felt more involved, more attached to the whole process. I could look at plants that were wonderful and then source them at the end of the stand. I hadn't intended to buy a thing but struggled back to the car with all my cash gone and too much to carry. I certainly didn't follow my own advice to buy things in 9's. It was definitely one of everything and now I have new things in the greenhouse and the conservatory to admire and nurture. There seemed to be quite unusual plants there too. It reminded me of the plant fairs of old when I would get all excited about something special or rare. That hasn't happened to me for a long time. The Country Living tent was quite a girly affair. There seems to be more women together on a day out than you see at Chelsea. There are more men at Chelsea. I bought scarves and a cotton nightdress because I was caught up in that homely feel. It will probably be a duster one day.

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