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Hard hats at the ready

builderI have just started work on the plans and design for a wonderful job. It’s in Tooting and the client has bought this gorgeous house – well, it WILL be gorgeous – overlooking the green with mature trees all around with tree preservation orders in abundi. It should be fun working with all of these in the way! The house was formerly a mental establishment and built in 1914. It’s been owned by the NHS and subsequently no money has been spent on it for years. This is SUCH a blessing, as all the interior details are intact. There was no money to rip out ceilings or fireplaces and there they are today, absolutely gorgeous. There are little built in wooden seats in odd nooks and crannies, huge wooden fireplaces with mouldings and the ceilings are to die for…. The staircase and hallway had been blocked up with horrible landings and stud walls divided the space. I have no idea why. Now those walls are down, and you can see the full grandeur of the hallway. The brickwork has gorgeous little mouldings and designs, the windows are stained glass and the chimmneys are works of art. I suppose I should talk about the garden, but of course this is the area that has also been neglected,¬†and not to the good of the property. I’ve got lots of ideas and plans and the client is going to do things properly, which is a joy to a designer, architect and builders. At the moment, I don’t know where to start but we’ll get the professional surveyor on site next week and get every single one of those protected trees plotted and get going. Onwards and upwards and never a dull moment in this job. I love it.

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