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Has spring sprung?

bergenia-white-flowerWe are officially still in Winter – and this weekend the cold weather starts to bite. We’ve been lulled into a false sense of security with all these mild, sunny days. I feel almost cross when I need a coat but it’s only January. The coldest months are yet to come. However, a little bit of spring in the garden always makes you feel optimistic. Just putting the Xmas decorations in the loft puts winter behind me. The seed catalogues make good bed time reading (we’ve been married long enough for them to be allowed now) and it won’t be long before all the new herbaceous pots are in the nursery. Buying the smaller, one litre pots is good value. They soon bulk up into good sized plants. If you buy lupins or delphiniums this way just pot them on a few times – three at once – into bigger pots before you plant them out. If you put the small, single stems into the ground the slugs will think they’re an amuse bouche and they’ll be gone before you can say Heston. Things are starting to flower and push through the ground. Primroses and snowdrops have already appeared. Tight little buds are on the spring flowering shrubs. My auriculas look like they’ve recovered from the flu and are blooming almost enthusiastically in the greenhouse. Indoors the bulbs I brought in are opening now. Passing a tiny bowl of crocus on the hall table, or seeing pots of amaryllis standing to attention on the kitchen windowsill is enough to make anyone turn off the weather forecast.

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