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Keep off the grass

I can imagine that the garden isn't the first thing on your mind this week but these frosty mornings should be providing a magical winter wonderland of icy structure and grandeur. If your garden just looks collapsed and cold, perhaps it's time to rethink your borders. I was a slow convert to grasses and, even now, they have to earn their keep but….. I must admit that this year's planting of later flowering perennials and grasses has been a success. I think there's a place in the garden for every type of plant, but I've decided that roses – the climbers and ramblers – can grow over the house, through trees and across the pergola. The other shrub roses, taking up so much space in the borders, were looking too old fashioned and just didn't perform for long enough. Digging them up was a difficult decision to take, but I'm glad I went for it now. I think we'll have a cold winter; looking out at the frosted seed heads of the rudbeckias and miscanthus purpurascens has turned out to be more interesting than the stick-like arms of a pruned rose.

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