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New start

Pond WorksThis week, we’ve started in Pulborough – in a pond. Unfortunately, Kevin slipped down the bank on Monday morning and we spent most of the afternoon at A&E. He’s on crutches now with a ruptured ligament in his knee, so feeling a bit sorry for himself, understandably. But…. life goes on…. and the pond is now empty and ready for it’s new life. We’re replacing the old concrete¬†with a new liner, and putting in moss-covered sandstone rocks to create an entirely naturalistic new pond. Also, we’re cantilevering a terrace over the pond, and creating a new curved flight of steps down to this lovely seating area. This is one of those sites where every single level measurement was critical. One of the setting out points, for the sweep of the steps, was in the pond itself so – luckily – I knew it would be empty when the time came!

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