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New Year! New Garden!

IMG_0341It may be winter outside, but in your garden it’s spring….Beneath the soil, things are moving, growing, preparing to push through the earth and be wonderful! I can already¬†see the ¬†tulips emerging. Do tell me you planted your tulips in Autumn? We planted THOUSANDS of tulips in our client’s gardens in October and November – it’s a service we offer each year. Even in the tiniest garden there’s room for bulbs. If you’re thinking about a new space for 2016 then do plan ahead. Most of my contractors are starting to book into March and April. Once the sun shines the phone will ring off the hook (well, at least we hope so!) and everybody will want their garden ready for the summer. If you’re planning on work to the house, please think about the garden whilst you have access and disruption. It’s great if we can all work together and do everything at once. The initial survey and design process can take some time, especially if you need planning too. This is also the ideal time to plant new mature trees, prune existing specimens and carry out work to dormant hedges. You may look outside and see rain and mud but it won’t be long until the spring arrives!

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