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The pond continues

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Pond clearanceIt’s been a bit of a miserable week. Rain has stopped play a couple of times. However,  Kevin’s leaving the crutches behind sometimes, so the knee progresses. I’ve realized that I’m not cut out for long-term care and would like somebody to make ME a cup of tea now.  I’m enjoying going out to site and seeing the guys more often than I would normally.  I usually visit once a week or so, and Kevin looks after the day to day stuff. It’s been good to see the progress on a regular basis. Today I came home with a fish from the pond – with the client’s permission of course. I brought him home, sloshing around, in the back of the car in a muck bucket (and water). He’s now happily ensconced with new fishy friends.

New start

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Pond WorksThis week, we’ve started in Pulborough – in a pond. Unfortunately, Kevin slipped down the bank on Monday morning and we spent most of the afternoon at A&E. He’s on crutches now with a ruptured ligament in his knee, so feeling a bit sorry for himself, understandably. But…. life goes on…. and the pond is now empty and ready for it’s new life. We’re replacing the old concrete with a new liner, and putting in moss-covered sandstone rocks to create an entirely naturalistic new pond. Also, we’re cantilevering a terrace over the pond, and creating a new curved flight of steps down to this lovely seating area. This is one of those sites where every single level measurement was critical. One of the setting out points, for the sweep of the steps, was in the pond itself so – luckily – I knew it would be empty when the time came!

North Chailey

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New Housing Estate

New Housing Estate

This new garden was completely water-logged when we carried out the initial survey. We've installed land drains to help the garden, which has been built by the developer over a solid clay pan, compacted by the building works. Planting will make a big difference to the final landscape – watch this space – but privacy from the neighbouring houses has been addressed with trellis panels surrounding the terrace, soon to be covered with scented jasmine. Multi-stemmed silver birch trees cover the key windows, without taking light from the garden. Oak sleepers have addressed the levels. We shall plant this up in March and post more photos then by which time the trees will have come into leaf. In the autumn we shall return to plant 500 tulips too. From building site to garden. All in three weeks.