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Wonderful bulbs

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Scented hyacinths

Scented hyacinths

As February blows in, the garden is out there pushing things through like a mother-to be.  The hyacinth bulbs come up through the ground, the green nose emerging like an inquisitive animal. Around them, the smaller muscari hyacinths are sending out stems too. I always plant my hyacinths – both varieties – in large-ish groups and always in white too. They're just around the box balls and pyramids so that the evergreen foliage makes a great backdrop. Planting bulbs in Autumn is a gutty job, but the display in Spring always makes it worthwhile.


BALI Awards 2010

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We are delighted to have won an award in this year’s prestigious BALI National Awards for a Hove garden, completed last year.

It was really disappointing that we couldn’t get to the awards ceremony, due to the suspension of all train services. The cars were stuck in the drive and we managed to get to Three Bridges to find that no trains were running. Oh well. All dressed up and nowhere to go! It wasn’t the first time and probably won’t be the last!