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Where have all the flowers gone?

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Alliums We have been planting up three gardens this week and getting the plants has been sooooo difficult. March is usually a great time for herbaceous plants but the nurseries seem to be struggling to fill the huge amounts of orders that have flooded in so far this month. All the initial plants that were grown have sold out, and new stock is still too young to leave the nursery. We usually send off our orders and back they come, all priced up and with little variation. This time there are lots of exchanges to consider, and plants that just aren’t available at all for love nor money. It’s easy to think that one plant is very much like another if it’s the same type of thing. Like a skimmia for example. As a plant type, they may seem similar, but they’re not. I love Skimmia ‘Kew Green’ and I’m afraid the old fashioned one, Rubella, just doesn’t do it for me. It’s much too pinkly unwell and Victorian looking, whereas Kew Green is brilliantly coloured, huge and architectural. Alliums, too, have become so popular but if you expect the kind of effect in the picture above, you could be quite disappointed when you buy a pot in the nursery and they turn out to be a dirty white colour. You have to know your varieties and this is where your garden designer can help. Not only do they know PLANTS, but they have the secret knowledge of the very best variety too. They will understand what grows in your garden, has the best flowers or leaves and will stand the test of time. It’s not for nothing that you pay us the fees you know!

Counting Blessings

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upper buncton Spring has sprung, and the gardens are starting to take on the lush new growth that tells us we are on the right road. The clocks will go forward very soon and the light levels will make everything grow like mad. I can’t help but feel that my emotions and passion for the garden are on hold today after the terrible images from Japan and the tsunami, which seems to be more devastating than the earthquake itself.

8.9 on the richter scale! You can’t even begin to imagine it. I was in an earthquake once. A very small one by comparison. It’s so unbelievable to see the ground under your feet wave up and down, as though the sea itself has washed underneath the tarmac. Cars bounced backwards and forwards like children’s toys, smashing against each other with complete disregard for their paintwork. I was in a record shop, and across the street I saw women in a laundry climbing into the metal tumble driers for safety. In the shop, we hurried underneath tables as cassettes and records fell from the shelves around us. It made me want to get away from any country where the very ground under my feet couldn’t be trusted to stay perfectly still. It was a frightening experience, and I can only imagine how those poor Japanese people are feeling today. A friend told me that he knew somebody from the New Zealand earthquake last week who had lost his brother. He was sitting in a restaurant talking to him, and then the ground opened up and completely swallowed him and he was gone. Just like that. Forever. And the ground closed again. I could have nightmares about that. At the moment, no amount of new growth or lighter nights can remove that kind of horror from somebody’s life. We are just so lucky that our lives can encompass the joy of Spring. And count our blessings – yet again.

Member of The Society of Garden Designers!

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sgd-logo2  Well, what a wonderful day! I have passed my Society of Garden Designers adjudication and I am now a Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers. To the layman, this may not mean much, but for those hardy souls who have worked on their construction drawings, their setting out plans, their planting schedules and have been through the Forum, Pre-registration and Adjudication and have their own MSGD it will mean SO much, and they will nod in sympathetic understanding and also remember that wonderful, wonderful moment when they heard they’d passed. It’s taken around three years to get through all the different stages and many designers feel that it’s so difficult that they’re daunted by the task ahead. Well, I won’t pretend it’s been easy or that I’ve always felt like carrying on. There’s been many a muttering of “Flippin organization. Why do I need them!” But now I’ve passed, of course, I will be their greatest ambassador and take up my mantle of membership with a degree of humility not shown in this blog! So, here I am – letters after my name at last: Louisa Bell MSGD.