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Sow sow

0201-tomatoesWell, it’s been perfect weather for sowing vegetables. We had all that warm sunshine, so I covered up the beds with bubble wrap and weighed it down for a couple of days. The seeds I sowed in the small poly tunnel seemed to germinate overnight and now I’ve go a great little crop of carrots and lettuce coming through. I’ve thinned them out so that they have space to mature but I want quite small carrots (they’re the expensive ones to buy) so they’re not thinned too much. The lettuce leaves can be picked as they mature to leave space for the others to grow even bigger. The parsnips have all germinated, as have the peas and I have now sown the second lot of seeds. This time I planted leeks, beetroot, swede, more carrots (for bigger main crops) and more lettuces to carry on when the others have all been eaten. The potatoes are ready to go out too and I’m going to grow these in big black barrels. There isn’t much room now for other things and I want to get the onions in too, and leave space for beans. I’ve bought lots of herbs and potted these up near the kitchen door where they’ll get some sunshine. I’ve already started picking the mint to go with the new potatoes they’re selling in the supermarket. They taste so wonderful, I’d be happy to have just them for dinner!

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