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Starting early

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Even on the coldest day of the year so far, the garden is preparing to emerge and I can see the tulips pushing through the ground in the borders. People are thinking about their gardens already. ¬†As a designer it’s great to have a variety of projects and clients. All my new gardens will belong to the clients – it’s not about going ahead and doing something that I feel like doing. It’s a designer’s job to show what’s possible and probable whilst interpreting our client’s life-style within the garden. So many houses are updated, leaving the garden stuck in the 1930s. The start of the year is always a busy and exciting period. Most people think about their gardens now in order to be finished and ready for the summer, but some projects are ongoing for years with a new phase planned annually. It’s no surprise that clients and designers become friends. From our point of view, it’s wonderful to be trusted with something that is going to bring years of pleasure and enjoyment to the family. The process can take several months, with surveys, plans, meetings, construction and costings and then the build itself so it’s good to start early.

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