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The contemporary border in Winter

Trentham I enjoyed walking around Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire yesterday, but for the novice gardener it would have been nigh on impossible to know what plants were in the borders. I spent ages writing down plant names and varieties into my notebook, but there was very little to be seen at present. I know this is the worse time of year for the garden, but for clients we have to acheive form, colour and structure. The wonderful thing about Trentham is that they have the space to give over huge areas to purely herbaceous or grass planting, but when clients tell me that they love Piet Odoulf’s gardens I would have to show them this picture of the Piet Odoulf border at Trentham on a March day. The Tom Stuart Smith planting (my hero) managed to show colour within the herbaceous leaves that still had some structure left over, or new growth emerging. The sight of the huge Eremurus buds pushing through the ground was almost primeval and all true gardeners are excited by the anticipation of that bud and what it will become. But the visitors to the garden, the ordinary families, who don’t know an Eremurus from an elephant, may have been a little disappointed.

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