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The pond deepens

Five Oaks PondBuilding ponds can be difficult when it doesn’t stop raining. This was an existing concrete pond, that leaked, so we are completely re-lining and using the opportunity to build a new circular terrace that will look as though it cantilevers out over the water. We put a ‘sump’ into the bottom of the pond, to prevent water coming up underneath the new liner, but the sump was below the water table which is clearly affected by local underground springs, so new drainage has now been put in to alleviate this problem. You can’t have water coming UP into the pond! Now we’re on the muddy bit with the rocks going in around the edge. Our local quarry is no longer producing stone so we went to a quarry in Horsham and hand-picked all the stone for the project. The client mentioned the words ‘Stonehenge’ yesterday and I’m glad the guys have got lifting equipment on site. It will be soon be time for the plants to be ordered and I’m really looking forward to the next stage.

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