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I gave a talk this afternoon to the U3A. I hoped everyone came along because they all love their gardens and not for the tea and biscuits or because my Mum had paid them. Actually, it was great to be able to talk to ‘real’ gardeners. Not for them the low maintenance border, and these are BUSY people. Apparently, we broke the record for the number of attendees so it just goes to show how passionate people are about that space outside. The U3A is a brilliant organisation, and there were so many things booked; visits to gardens, holidays away, trips to Holland next year. I’m looking forward to retiring and joining one day! Everyone’s on line and all wanted to know the web sites I’d recommended. I talked about the basic principles of design and I wanted to get in a shot about wavy borders. There were plenty of sagacious nods when I spoke about the flower borders in the lawn with curves. At the end, many of them said they were going home to straighten up the edges of their planted beds! I love giving talks and imparting some of my passion for the design basics. It’s so rewarding when people come up and say they’ve enjoyed themselves. I’m giving some talks at Parham House on Sunday as part of their NGS day. I’ll be in the Seed Room. Do come along!

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