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Where have all the flowers gone?

Alliums We have been planting up three gardens this week and getting the plants has been sooooo difficult. March is usually a great time for herbaceous plants but the nurseries seem to be struggling to fill the huge amounts of orders that have flooded in so far this month. All the initial plants that were grown have sold out, and new stock is still too young to leave the nursery. We usually send off our orders and back they come, all priced up and with little variation. This time there are lots of exchanges to consider, and plants that just aren’t available at all for love nor money. It’s easy to think that one plant is very much like another if it’s the same type of thing. Like a skimmia for example. As a plant type, they may seem similar, but they’re not. I love Skimmia ‘Kew Green’ and I’m afraid the old fashioned one, Rubella, just doesn’t do it for me. It’s much too pinkly unwell and Victorian looking, whereas Kew Green is brilliantly coloured, huge and architectural. Alliums, too, have become so popular but if you expect the kind of effect in the picture above, you could be quite disappointed when you buy a pot in the nursery and they turn out to be a dirty white colour. You have to know your varieties and this is where your garden designer can help. Not only do they know PLANTS, but they have the secret knowledge of the very best variety too. They will understand what grows in your garden, has the best flowers or leaves and will stand the test of time. It’s not for nothing that you pay us the fees you know!

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