Brick lines running through the paving break up the hard landscaped areas
Water feature dissecting the large planting bed
Bluebells and feature trees at the woodland edge
Brick detailing in the paving to match the house
Steps and path leading down to the pond
Breedon gravel paths
Lower pond and lit steps
Acer trees lit on the terrace
Brick detail in paving
Pool with planting beds
Summerhouse lit up
Long water feature
Summerhouse with pool
Acer tree and brickwork in paving
Lawn and planters
Lit summerhouse and pool
Sussex Woodland Garden

We spent the first weeks clearing spruce and pine trees that had long ago outgrown their alloted space as ornamental trees. A pond - decades old - was leaking, and a lower lake had steeply sloping banks making the water difficult to access. The house had been restored, with a large extension that required access to the sloping gardens. We created a large terrace, with steps to the lawns. An L-shaped water feature can been seen from the large picture window and was built with stone to match detailing in the house walls. We also followed the brick layout within our paving too, giving an arts and crafts feel. The poor, dilapidated swimming pool was re-lined, partly re-built and a de-watering system installed to stop the liner from floating to the surface (as had happened before, due to the high water table). A new large terrace and summerhouse has created the perfect sunny spot for family entertaining. At night, the garden is lit with over a kilometre of lights throughout the beds, and trees are uplit. 

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