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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

No, this isn’t about where to bury the dog, but about creating places to sit in the garden. 

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Big Ponds and Small Lakes

What makes a pond a lake? I think it has to do with boats. If you can put a boat on the water then it has to be a lake, doesn’t it?

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What's Out in Front?

What does your front gate say about you? Do you even have a gate, or is the entrance to your property open? Sometimes plants, or pillars, can create the way in, or a path or driveway shows the way to your front door.

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The Eight Seasons of The Year

Sad but true: the evenings are drawing in again. We have eight seasons really and we are just coming into ‘late summer’. 

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Use Your Garden!

I have a question to ask: Why don’t people use their gardens?

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Gardens in Party Dresses

It was so nice to see two of our new gardens being used last week. We were invited to two parties – one a barbecue and one a more formal event – and they were held in the gardens that we’d designed, built and planted. It was great to see people sitting around on walls, purpose-built seating and cushions, children running around on the grass and food being prepared and eaten outdoors.

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