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Oh for a Flat Garden!

We are always so busy at this time of year. People think that things quieten down as the autumn and winter approach, but that’s not the case. Many clients wait until the Summer has ended before they start digging up the garden! Last year we only stopped for three days at Christmas and I vividly recall us all planting up a job in Richmond in the snow!

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The Crimplene Garden - Don't Be Stuck in The Past!

What are your expectations when it comes to a garden? Don’t you think that you deserve to have somewhere fabulous, amazing and gorgeous outside your door?

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Buying a Garden (and a House!)

Buying a house is a huge decision, undertaken after a ten minute visit with a biased estate agent. As you walk around looking at the views, you are mentally making mortgage calculations in your head.

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Winter Slip Sliding

Although the shortest day has been and gone now (hurrah!), the winter really takes its grip in January and February. 

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Make Your Garden Magical

I’m making a new year’s resolution to make my garden the best it’s ever been. Last year I spent just a little extra time and effort sowing seeds, and tying things in as they grew, and the rewards were so noticeable.

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Ethical Sandstone

Sandstone is a good, durable and attractive paving material. It comes in many colours – some called sandstone, but actually limestone.

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