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Surprise! The Garden Kept a Secret

Some people love a surprise, and one of our garden projects this week is a secret! It’s rather nice for us to be working on a garden that will be totally unexpected.

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Grave Gravel Questions

Gravel is quite often used in a low cost situation. It’s a good, inexpensive ground cover and if you use a membrane underneath it, then weeds won’t push through. 

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Living Without a Lawn

Have you ever thought of life without grass? I mean, of course, the wet, green stuff out in your garden at the moment. It’s a hard call, and one that men, more than women, are loathe to take.

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The Smallest Spaces

We like small spaces. Outdoor small spaces are actually good sized rooms and there is so much we can do with them. Just think of the bathroom in your house and how wonderful that can look. 

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The New Build Garden

I have just visited another new house, and it is depressing how builders can make such a great job of kitchens, bathrooms and plastering and then completely run out of steam, money and the will to live when it comes to the garden. 

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Something to Entice You Around The Corner...

One of the first things I look at in a garden is the possibility of creating somewhere secret and inviting.

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