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Is there a good time of year?

If you are building or renovating a property, it is essential to take access into consideration as this may be the perfect opportunity to bring in machinery to change levels or ship in mature trees. Building work takes place all through the year so that your garden can be built during the winter, ready for next summer. Hard frosts are not suitable for building and hot, dry summers will affect plants and lawns. The sooner you can start the design process, the quicker the build can be scheduled.

What plans will I need?

You may need some or all of the following: A professional survey of your garden and house. Concept, or presentation plans and 3D representation drawings. Budget costs for the garden to be built, with setting out and construction drawings. Contract and tender documentation along with other reports such as structural or civil engineers and pool companies. Planting plans, plant schedules plus drainage, irrigation and electrical diagrams.

What are your qualifications?

Louisa has been a landscape designer for 25 years. She is a registered member of The Society of Garden Designers, which means her work has been evaluated and adjudicated by a recognised body of experts. She is also a registered designer member of the British Association of Landscape Industries and a former board director. Her gardens have won awards for Design, Construction and Hard landscape detailing.

Planning Consent

Yes. This is part of the design process. Swimming pools need planning permission in some cases and so do raised or extended terraces. Trees, hedges and some elements of the garden may need permission and Louisa has dealt with many tree preservation orders, bats, newts and SSI areas.

Time scales

The initial survey and plans will take between 4-12 weeks, depending on the scale of the project and plans required. Louisa will then be able to give you a time schedule for the build, related to the agreed scope of the works. Clients are often surprised at how quickly a garden can be built, especially when there is room for a full team to be on site. If you have a special date coming up when the garden needs to be complete, everyone will do their utmost to meet your deadline. If planning is required, Louisa will also produce the plans and arrange pre-planning meetings with your local authority.

Project Management

Louisa will project monitor the build and planting of your garden and recommend landscape contractors. You are welcome to talk to other clients who have commissioned The Lovely Garden and visit other gardens to see how the whole system works. Louisa will look after the whole design and build, advising on costs, valuation reports, materials, setting out, construction details and be on site to set out trees, shrubs and plants.

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