Lovely sawn stone with wide planters edging the terrace
Table top plane trees providing dappled shade
The two Oak trees are centuries old
The angled extension allows views over the meadow
The planting beds are punctuated with Yew columns
Wide herbaceous beds are filled with salvias, echinacea, euphorbia and veronica strum
Keymer Garden

My clients have a great 'glass box' extension bringing their house right out into the garden. With wonderful far-reaching views of the South Downs, they also have two huge oak trees in the garden, confirmed to be centuries old. Beyond the 'formal' garden they own a large paddock. We built a new pool and terrace whilst retaining this link to the surrounding landscape. The pool blends into the meadow and an upper terrace keeps the views uninterrupted. A seating area, with lovely Garpa furniture, is punctuated with table top plane trees, providing dappled shade. The pool has an automatic cover and is heated all year round with an air source heat pump and top-up boiler. The whole family swim and can enjoy the close proximity of the pool to the meadow.

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