The brick edged beds have white pear trees underplanted with white roses
A new lawn has replaced the old field
We incorporated the clients pavers into the garden to link back to the house
The meadow border and white cherry trees
The meadow
Herbaceous Planting
The water rill with white water lilies
The Long Border
Furniture and Parasol by Garpa

This large, country garden was laid mainly to paddock grass when we applied for planning permission to change from agricultural use to residential. The design was simple, with a long water rill, a terrace by the barn and a meadow linking the garden back to the landscape. The rectangular lawn is edged with white ornamental pear trees underplanted with white roses. The ten metre water rill is filled with white water lillies and the meadow - with annuals and herbaceous perennials - is planted with white flowering cherries. The clients love simplicity and order. This is what they said: Louisa, thank you for transforming our flat and dull plot into a fantastic garden.

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