On The Level

Buying a house is a huge decision you undertake after a ten minute visit with a biased estate agent. As you walk around looking at the views, you are mentally making mortgage calculations in your head. Can we afford it, could we live with this carpet for now?

People start off with a fixed list – “ We must have five bedrooms and detached” – and then fall in love with a three bedroomed semi. One thing that isn’t a compromise is the garden. If somebody wants a garden, they’ll rarely buy a property without that outdoor space.

People’s attitudes to their gardens fascinate me. To some it’s a priority to get the garden done. On Friday I’m meeting a couple who haven’t even bought their house yet, but they want to talk about the garden and its possibilities before they put in their offer. I love them. They’ve thought it through.

They already know that we will need a digger, dumper and space to drag through unwanted trees and shrubs when we clear.They also know that this will make a mess and that access can be critical if levels need changing.

Some people live in their houses for years without tackling the garden. Outside is this huge room – the biggest room in the whole house – and it hasn’t been touched! All that wonderful space going to waste! I do love it when clients say thank you for giving them a garden. They’ve discovered that lying out on a sun lounger in a gorgeous garden under a parasol on a hot day, surrounded by cushions and a throw, magazines and books piled up and a pot of tea on a side table, a small slice of yummy cake – well, you get the picture. A garden is a wonderful place.

All of our clients moved into their houses at different times. Some have been there more than ten years, have finished the entire house and are now getting the garden done. Some have just moved in, and the whole process of doing up the house and garden is going along together. One of our sloping sites – 8 metre drops from top to bottom, and a metre from side to side – was a fairly straightforward job of cut and fill, but going from A to B to C (see pictures above) needs forward thinking by a client.

If one of the things on your list was a garden, then talk to us about it for this year.

Appointments are free. Our passion for gardens is contagious.You’ll start to believe and see how wonderful your garden could be. Somewhere in your house, you have a lovely window that overlooks the garden. Why don’t you start to use it?

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