The Parham Weekend

We had such a wonderful time at the Garden Weekend at Parham. The sun shone, the horse-flies bit us mercilessly but we talked to some lovely people. It was quite hot, standing there for two days having forgotten a hat. They really should make sun factor 80 for unexpected English summers. The great thing about Parham was that all the visitors loved their gardens! We were quite happy to talk about plants, paving, water features and bog gardens all day. Best of all, our little stand won ‘Best in Show’. How exciting!

I took some cushions from home, which I could have sold ten times over, and we sold all the plants we took along and lots of gardening books too. It was strange, but some of my old favourites that I hesitated to sell didn’t go, so I didn’t have to part with them after all.

One thing that really struck us was that people just walked by the stand, without realizing that they even needed a garden designer, yet when we started talking to them, it was apparent that they REALLY needed some help and advice with the garden. I don’t just mean people with ailing lawns and staking problems. These were home-owners embarking on major extensions and building work, or drainage problems or swamp gardens. They were all prepared to go ahead and spend hundreds or thousands of pounds trying to resolve their garden problems with solutions that wouldn’t last five minutes.

When we say that we come out free of charge to talk through things, this isn’t just a sales ploy (although I can appreciate that it sounds like one).

We do genuinely want to explain the process linking house and garden together. We’d much rather you went off and did the garden yourself, armed with some kind of knowledge or plan, than call us in six months later to sort out the chaos created by using the wrong materials, builders ignoring damp proof courses or drainage problems.

Plants are, of course, vital to your new garden but they really are the ‘cushions’ of the project – the very last thing we can scatter around when it’s all finished and built to perfection. Garden design isn’t about plants. It’s about engineering, retaining walls, infrastructure and detail.

We give a quotation, not an estimate, for any work we think is necessary for your garden and if you’re living in a house where you intend to stay for a while, surely it makes sense to have a plan for the garden that will take you through the next few years? All the money you could waste at the nursery on plants that will die could be spent so much more wisely on your garden plans.

Plans are produced exactly to scale so that everyone understands the process and our survey drawings are useful for years to come, showing drains, inverts and services as well as all the existing levels. Whether your garden is small or huge, knowing what to do or plant next will save you so much time and money in the future.

Why not call us? Appointments really are free.

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