Rosa Queen of Sweden. Planting design Sussex. Garden designer Sussex. Planted borders.
Contemporary garden design. Oak pergola. Box Balls. Planting design.
New garden. Contemporary house. Garden Design Sussex.
Herbaceous planting including Veronicastrum. Garden furniture. Parasol.
Pergola design. Garden design. Planted borders.
Herbaceous planting. Garden plant design. Oak pergola. Garden designer Sussex.
Planted borders including Verbena bonariensis which seeds everywhere! Oak pergola. Roses. Garden design Sussex.
Curved paths edged with brick lead through the pergolas
Ammi visnaga. Climbers. Yew columns. Planting design. Sussex Garden Design.
Resin bonding. Oak pergola. Garden path. Garden design Sussex and Surrey. Seating areas.
Verbena bonariensis. Oak pergola. Garden design Sussex. Box Balls.
Hydrangea paniculata. Planting design Sussex. Garden designer Sussex. Yew columns.

My lovely client wanted to share her garden with others, creating walkways and seating areas for friends and people in need of peace. We created a long pergola walkway, covered in rambling roses, scented jasmine and clematis. The wide borders are planted with herbaceous specimens and all year round structure, providing a haven for insects and the hundreds of birds that visit her garden. We repeated mass plantings of Queen of Sweden, Salvias, Nepeta and Verbena with Hydrangeas providing late summer interest. The client is a wonderful gardener and keeps the garden looking pristine, with her team, all year round.

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